We recognize that the last several months have been difficult for everyone and we have been devastated not to be able to welcome new students. This is why we are grateful to now be able to accept NEW students to our adult Jiu Jitsu program.

We are very excited to get you on board if you are ready to commit to a jiu jitsu journey with us now.

Please read this entire announcement as it outlines joining procedures at Fierce Studio.

  1. At this time, we are accepting new students that want to join our academy. These are individuals that have decided they want to do Jiu Jitsu and are ready to commit. Fierce is not doing trial or drop in classes at this time. The information below is for those who have either contacted us previously stating that they want to join or for those who are ready to join now.

  2. New students have two options at this time: Purchase a monthly membership or a 10 class pass. Again, at this time, we don’t have free or trial classes available due to COVID restrictions.

  3. Step 1: Once you've read through all steps below,click here to get started.

  4. Step 2: Choose which membership you'd like to purchase and click sign me up, or alternatively, click to purchase a punch card. You will be directed to our membership portal (Zen Planner). There you will need to sign up and enter your information. You will be prompted to make a password. REMEMBER THIS password as you will need this to RESERVE your spot for future classes. There will be NO DROP INS for classes as we have a limited number of spots available in each session to abide with COVID restrictions.

  5. Step 3: In the purchase portal, select either your 'Membership' choice or the ‘Punch Card’ Option. Simply purchase your chosen service and follow the prompts.

  6. Step 4: After you have enrolled with us and completed your purchase, you will want to reserve your first class. We have a BEGINNERS/NEW TO FIERCE class that's held specifically for you on Mondays 6:00pm-7:00pm with Instructor David. This will be the only class you will be permitted to register in for your FIRST attendance. This is so we can partner you up and place you in a POD with other students for ongoing training. These folks will become your training partners and you will need to coordinate with them when you want to attend other classes at Fierce moving forward.

  7. You must RESERVE your spot for all classes you plan to attend. You simply cannot drop in at this time due to COVID restrictions. You can communicate and organize with your POD either on our private Facebook group or via text/phone. You will want to exchange your phone numbers with your POD mates so you can coordinate training days and hold each other accountable.

  8. No matter your skill set, if you are new to our studio, you must attend our Monday class first so we can assign you a pod group. After you are matched with a POD mate, you can come to ANY class on our schedule (see SCHEDULE on our website for details).

  9. COVID protocols will be explained at the classes so you will be clear on expectations. Please only attend your first class if you are healthy and have NO symptoms of any kind.


Follow the above steps but when purchasing your membership, you will need to select “ LEO MEMBERSHIP”. In order to keep your membership and remain active, you must attend a minimum of 4 classes a month. If you do, your membership will remain free until you reach BLUE BELT.

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