Hello Parents,


We are pleased to announce that our kids and youth Jiu Jitsu classes will be starting back up on Saturdays starting Oct 3 2020.  Please note the modifications to our program and that class times have changed because of COVID protocols. We are offering classes for Little Dragons (ages 5-8) and Youth Jiu Jitsu (ages 9-13). There are limited spots available. The semester will run for 11 weeks and conclude on December 12 2020.


Class Times:

Little Dragons, Saturdays 1230pm-130pm

Youth Jiu Jitsu, Saturdays 145pm-245pm


There will be no FIERCE FIGHTERS classes at this time. Our foundational classes will mix elements of Fierce Fighters in with the basic belt progression.


Classes will run continuously from Oct 3 – Dec 12, 2020 with no breaks (thanksgiving inclusive).




Coach Ari Knazan (Black Belt), David Bruun (brown belt) and Robert “Panda” Barker (purple belt). Your children will be learning from very experienced teachers this semester and as such, will be provided with a very strong and focused curriculum.  We realized that it has been a long time since your child has been on the mats (if you are returning) and we will endeavor to have them focused throughout the classes.


Pick Up and Drop Off Protocols:


1) Classes will start promptly on time and children are required to be changed and in their uniforms when then enter the academy. Changing inside the studio will not occur at this time. Please be on time.


2) Because of COVID rules and occupancy rules, parents will not be permitted to sit and watch classes inside the studio.  For new students, we will permit a parent drop off and check in with staff during the first week of classes.


3) Class will end on time and all children will exit the academy promptly so we can clean and disinfect the space for the next class. Please be on time to pick up your child.


Pods and Safety:


BC regulations state that Phase 3 for sports like Jiu Jitsu will allow training, close contact, with 10 or less individuals in a pod. As such, we will place your child in a pod and these are the partners that they will train with for the 11 weeks. In order to mitigate exposure, we recommend that your child limit their contact exposure outside of this pod of 10 as much as possible. These protocols allow for contact tracing and best practices on our part. We will do our best to keep everyone safe while making sure everyone has FUN.




Please monitor your child and do not bring them to the academy if they are presenting with ANY form of sickness, including running noses, fever, or coughing. We will be asking your child basic COVID screening questions each class. Children who exhibit any of these will not be allowed to train that day.


How to Sign Up


Returning Students:


If you have paid for the Apr-Jul semester or paid in full from Sept 2019, we have held a spot for your child. These reservations will be held until Sunday, September 20th end of day. Please email us to confirm registration at

We cannot carry forward those who paid for the above mentioned semester to 2021 so this is the only opportunity to redeem that session. For refund information, please contact us.


New Students:


Registration will be on a first come, first served basis. In order to secure your spot, please email us at and we will email the registration link.


When you email (new or returning students), the following information must be included:


  1. Subject Line: Fierce Kids Classes 2020

  2. The first and last name of your child/children

  3. The first and last name of primary guardian(s)

  4. Phone number of primary guardian (best contact in case of emergency)

  5. The age of your child/children


Semester Investment: $199.00 for 10 weeks.


Specialty Kids Seminar:


We will provide a special Kids Seminar on Sunday October 25 2020 from 12-2pm. This seminar is a follow through on our loyalty offering that we announced in early summer in response to the COVID closure. There is no cost for the students who have a credit for Apr-Jul semester. Only active current students may attend. Kids who are new to Fierce this Fall may also attend with an investment of $40.00+gst.

Registration for the Seminar is available HERE.


For those with a credit please email us to register at



Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing all the kids on Oct 3 2020.

The cornerstone of our kids martial arts program is Jiu Jitsu. Depending on what program your child is enrolled in, depends on the focus of the classes. But the common thread in all our classes is to give children confidence, respect and technical ability. Unlike many martial arts programs, we truly have a passion to teach your child technical martial arts that WILL help them as they grow into adulthood. Come check out our classes and see why we have been voted one of the best martial arts school in Victoria 3 years in a row!

--Little Dragons (ages 4-8)--

Our Little Dragons class is geared for children between the ages of 4 and 8 and focus on:



-listening skills

-confidence in movement

-understanding boundaries

-exercise and games

-fundamentals of jiu jitsu



Saturdays 12:30-1:30pm

--Kids Jiu Jitsu (ages 9-13)--

Our Kids BJJ program is for kids 9-13 years and really starts to introduce your child to the art of Jiu Jitsu. This class will teach your child:


-positional dominance

-takedowns and throws

-introduction to submissions

-conflict resolution skills

-anti bullying


-listening, structure and respect.


Saturdays 1:45-2:45pm

What does Jiu Jitsu look like?

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