until the blue belt is achieved

Fierce Studio is a founding member of the Invictus Leo Jiu Jitsu Collective, a movement dedicated to making Jiu Jitsu mandatory for law enforcement. Jiu Jitsu is the perfect art form for police officers. We decided to remove all obstacles for police and will train any LEO, for free, until they achieve their blue belt in BJJ.

No strings attached. It's that simple.

If you are a police officer new to Jiu Jitsu (Non ranked), you TRAIN FOR FREE in our standard Jiu Jitsu program. We have multiple classes a day and are open all week long. Your investment?-your time. At Fierce, we specialize in self defense, arrest procedures and control and we know what officers face in the field because our head instructor is an active Police Officer and Jiu Jitsu black belt with decades of experience.

We encourage you to read the following studies on Law Enforcement and Training.

1) Why Cops Don't Train: A Study

2) Policing and How Jiu Jitsu is Saving Lives

All we ask is that you commit to a regular training schedule and practice. You must attend at least 1 class a week (or 4x/month Min) to keep your membership active. Jiu Jitsu is proven to protect suspects and officers alike, teaching the most comprehensive self defense system in the world. At a blue belt level, we are absolutely confident that you will be much safer, healthier and confident in your duties.

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If you are questions, email us at admin@fiercestudio.ca.

*Must be a new student to Jiu Jitsu (white belt level), reside in or near the CRD/ South Island and commit to a plan of action (training schedule). With regular training, a blue belt can be achieved between 1-2 years.

If you cannot control yourself, you cannot control others- anonymous

Torvus Tactical:

Law Enforcement Training

Est: 2009

TORVUS TACTICAL is the training platform used to teach Law Enforcement professionals close quarter arrest and control applications. The program is specifically designed for: Police (Law Enforcement), Border Services (CBSA), Correctional Officers, Sheriffs, Military Personnel, By-Law, Police Reserves, and other first responders.

TORVUS TACTICAL has a specific curriculum aimed at teaching individuals real and applicable techniques to a variety of situations. If you are a current member of one of the mentioned groups or a police reserve looking to get employed by a police agency, our program is for you.

The core of our program is based on the worlds most versatile and proven martial art of Jiu Jitsu. The program was relaunched and redesigned in 2018 to fit Law Enforcements modern problems and situations.

Modus Operandi: Tactics and Operational Basics (Code MO:TOB)

  • Level 1: Beginner to Intermediate Training

  • Length: 4 Hours (20 capacity)

  • Next Offering: TBA

  • Cost: $40.00 per student (50% off: special introductory rate)

  • Topics Covered

    • pre-cursors to violent behavior

    • take-down applications

    • gaining positional dominance and keeping it

    • weapon retention: basic

    • joint locks and arrest pin introduction





Modus Operandi: Combative Ground Fighting (Code: MO:CFG)

  • Level 2: Intermediate to Advanced Training

  • Length: 4 hours (20 capacity)

  • Next Offering: TBA

  • Cost: $80.00 per student

  • Topics Covered

    • strikes, counters and mitigation of damage

    • understanding horizontal vs vertical arenas

    • submission locks

    • weapon retention: intermediate

    • chokes, strangulation and clothing as a weapon

    • reversals and sweeps

    • resistance reality training and grappling





Modus Operandi: Edged Weapon and Firearm   (Code: MO:EWF)

  • Level 3: Intermediate to Advanced Training

  • Length: 4 hours (20 capacity)

  • Next Offering: TBA

  • Cost: $80.00 per student

  • Topics Covered

    • understanding ranges with respect to weapons

    • edge weapon fighting

    • firearms when deployed in CQC

    • weapon retention: advanced

    • trapping, disarming, and counter measures

    • resistance application




* Students who wish to take level 2 and level 3 must first attend Level 1: Tactics and Operational Basics

Our courses were developed by Ari Knazan, an active police officer, use of force expert and 30 year veteran of martial arts including certifications in CJJU Level  and Level Two Teaching curriculum. Ari is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and a 5th degree black belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu. Prior to Ari's police service, he spent over 15 years in the private security field, authored two books (Headlocks and Haymakers and The Doorman's Credo) and developed a professional curriculum for nightclubs security called Vertias. Ari has trained with some of the foremost use of force experts worldwide.

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Proud INVICTUS LEO member. Police Friendly