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Fierce Studio Martial Arts and Yoga Studio (dba as "Fierce Studio") strive to offer a safe and fair environment for training. Below are policies and procedures that we have in place at Fierce Studio.


Fierce Martial Arts and Yoga Studio: CCTV and Video and Photography Policy


1. CCTV (Closed Circuit Tele Vision) Recording.

Fierce Studio is equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring devices. These devices are installed to protect the property from potential illegal activity (such as vandalism, mischief, theft and breaking and entering). As a private business, Fierce Studio reserves the right to have such monitoring on its premises. These devices are in all common areas including the front desk area, reception area and the main studios. There are no devices in the restrooms or other places that a reasonable expectation of privacy would be considered.

The CCTV monitoring is also to protect Fierce Studio and students, instructors or employee from potential liability claims that may come up in the course of running this type of business. This may included harassment, bullying or other such incidents (personal, civil or criminal) that one individual may claim against another. The CCTV cameras are installed to protect all people that enter the studio space.

2. Usage of Footage and Privacy

Fierce Studio footage is kept for 14 days before it is over written. The footage will not be distributed to any individual, social media platform including publicly in any manner. In the case of a claim that requires footage to be saved, the owners and only the owners, have access to the video system to make copies for legal reasons. Privacy is very important to the owners of Fierce Studio and every effort will be made to keep information between parties unless legally required not to.

3. In Case of a Claim

Fierce Studio will review footage if a claim is put forth by a student, instructor or employee to the owners. Fierce Studio and the owners take claims such as harassment, bullying, violence and criminal activities with the utmost importance. Therefore, proper investigative procedures will be implemented.

4. Other Photography and Video Recording

 Students, instructors, owners of Fierce Studio and or employees may take photographs or videos while at Fierce Studio using personal recording devices. There is no policy in place to prevent such action from occurring. These photos or videos may be used for personal reasons and may be posted on social media outlets.  These photos or videos may be used for promotional purposes for Fierce Studio OR for personal reasons of the individual who took them. As a rule, please let individuals know you are recording or photographing as common courtesy.


Fierce Martial Arts and Yoga Studio: Conduct Policy


1. Fierce Studio’s Expectations

Bullying, criminal or illegal activity, harassment and/or sexual harassment are not acceptable or tolerated at Fierce Studio.  All students, instructors and employees will be treated in a fair and respectful manner.  

2. Bullying, harassment and sexual harassment includes any inappropriate conduct or comment by a person towards a student, instructor, or employee that the person knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause that student to be humiliated or intimidated. 

Intent does not determine whether the behaviour is bullying and harassment. A person cannot excuse his or her behaviour by saying he or she did not intend it to be humiliating or intimidating.

3. Employees and Fierce Students must:

•    not engage in the bullying, harassment or sexual harassment of other students, instructors or employees of Fierce Martial Arts and Yoga Studio.

•    not engage in conversations or behavior before, during or after class which creates an unwelcome environment at Fierce Studio;

•    report if bullying, harassment or sexual harassment is observed or experienced;

•    apply and comply with Fierce Studio’s policies and procedures on bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.

•    any student or employee that violate policies of Fierce Studio, bring the studio's reputation into disrepute or engage in behaviour or criminal activity will be asked to leave the academy and be barred from future participation at the studio.

4. Application

This policy statement applies to all students, instructors or employees, including permanent, temporary, casual, contract, and student workers. It applies to interpersonal and electronic communications, such as email and facebook.

5. Annual review This policy statement will be reviewed every year. 


Fierce Martial Arts and Yoga Studio: Bullying and Harassment Investigation Procedures

1. How and when investigations will be conducted

Investigations at Fierce Studio will be conducted internally. In the event of criminal  situations, police involvement will occur. Investigations will:

•    be undertaken promptly and diligently, and be as thorough as necessary, given the circumstances;

•    be fair and impartial, providing both the complainant and respondent equal treatment in evaluating the allegations;

•    be sensitive to the interests of all parties involved, and maintain confidentiality;

•    be focused on finding facts and evidence, including interviews of the complainant, respondent, and any witnesses;

•    incorporate, where appropriate, any need or request from the complainant or respondent for assistance during the investigation process.

2. What will be included

Investigations will include interviews with the alleged claimant, the alleged respondent and any witnesses. If the alleged claimant and the alleged respondent agree on what happened, then Fierce Studio will not investigate any further, and will determine what corrective action to take, if necessary.  The investigator will also review any evidence, such as emails, handwritten notes, photographs, or physical evidence like vandalized objects to help in the investigation.

3. Roles and responsibilities

The Owners are responsible for ensuring workplace investigation procedures are followed.  Karma Students, instructors, employees and Fierce Students are expected to cooperate with investigators and provide any details of incidents they have experienced or witnessed.  If external investigators required, they will conduct investigations and provide a written report with conclusions to Lindsay and Ari Knazan.

4. Follow-up

The alleged claimant and alleged respondent will be advised of the investigation findings by the owners. Following an investigation, Lindsay and Ari Knazan will review and revise workplace procedures to prevent any future bullying and harassment incidents in the workplace if necessary. Appropriate corrective actions will be taken within a reasonable time frame.

5. Record-keeping requirements

Fierce Studio expects that employees, karma students and instructors will keep written accounts of incidents to submit with any complaints and inform the owners forthwith of any events that come to their attention. Fierce Studio will keep a written record of investigations, including the findings for a length of 7 years.

6. Fairness

Fierce Studio takes all claims seriously and will investigate impartially. Fierce Studio will not assume guilt of either the claimant or respondent in these situations. False claims or malicious claims will not be tolerated and Fierce Studio reserves the right to terminate the employment or student membership in such incidences. Fierce Studio will not tolerate libel, slander or defamation of its business, owners or staff or students. Any false claims made publicly will be dealt with legally.

7. Annual review: These procedures will be reviewed annually.


Fierce Martial Arts and Yoga Studio
Bullying and Sexual Harassment Reporting Procedures

1. How to report

Students at Fierce Studio can report incidents or complaints of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment verbally or in writing. When submitting a written complaint, please use the workplace bullying and harassment complaint form. When reporting verbally, the reporting contact, along with the complainant, will fill out the complaint form.

2. When to report

Incidents or complaints should be reported as soon as possible after experiencing or witnessing an incident. This allows the incident to be investigated and addressed promptly.

3. Reporting contact

Report any incidents or complaints to Lindsay Knazan or Ari Knazan.

4. What to include in a report

Provide as much information as possible in the report, such as the names of people involved, witnesses, where the events occurred, when they occurred, and what behavior and/or words led to the complaint. Attach any supporting documents, such as emails, handwritten notes, or photographs. Physical evidence, such as vandalized personal belongings, can also be submitted.

5. Annual review: These reporting procedures will be reviewed on an annual basis.


Fierce Martial Arts and Yoga Studio
Grading and Ranking

1. Students who wish to grade and rank under Fierce Studio and Team Rhino must be regular members at our academy and in good standing. The majority of the students training must occur at fierce and they must be paid and members of Team Rhino Assoc.

Reviewed Sept 2018

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