30 Days of Training for only $50

We understand that trying out a new academy can be mysterious and daunting. If you are new to Jiu Jitsu (or martial arts), there are inevitably some nervous feelings involved when stepping through the doors for the first time. We want to let you know that the moment you enter our Academy, you will be greeted by regular people who have made Fierce their second home.

We are a professional studio that has over 15 years experience, and has classes run by experienced, legitimate and friendly black belt instructors. Try us out for a dollar a day for 30 days and you'll see that we strive for excellence.

You may be looking for martial arts for exercise, self defense, competition, expanding your social circle or a myriad of other reasons. We know we can help meet your goals.


Ari Knazan

Chief Jiu Jitsu Instructor & Owner

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