PLEASE NOTE: Below is the current class schedule for our Jiu Jitsu Program. Please read HERE for joining instructions, including the LAW ENFORCEMENT promotional offering.
NEW TO FIERCE? We are welcoming newcomers on Monday evenings at 6pm. Please read our joining instructions here to get set up for your first class. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR ALL CLASSES. THERE ARE NO DROP INS.
**Brand new students only are to grapple with higher belts during open mat times. White vs White belt will not occur until you have learned fundamentals and had approval from instructors. This is to prevent injury and we pride ourselves on having the safest space in Victoria. If you are injured, you can't train...So best to start slow and gain the fundamentals.

Class Descriptions

During COVID, we are offering fundamentals and open mat classes only.


Goshin Jiu Jitsu/Gracie Combatives: These classes specifically revolve around self defense from both Gracie Combatives and Japanese Jiu Jitsu. They include a specific group of techniques designed for situations you may face in the real world. It includes joint locks, throws and defense against punches, kicks, grabs and other forms of unwanted encounters. There is also a focus on weapon defense and arresting techniques.


Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced

Times: Tuesdays: 6:00-7:00pm


Fundamental Concepts: These classes are designed for the person with no experience in martial arts or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They are structured around learning basic positioning, submissions and escapes. They revolve around our BLUE BELT curriculum. This class is open to all levels and higher ranks are invited because you can never get enough basics and fundamentals to add to your game.

Intermediate Class: This class revolves around building a specific game plan from each fundamental position. It is perfect for intermediate students (two stripe + white belts or 6 months experience) who want to have a set of options from these positions.  Students should have a basic understand of all fundamental positions in Jiu Jitsu to attend these classes.

Open Mat/Belt Review: students are encouraged to use these times to work on belt syllabus training and other drills. This may include drilling, belt test prep or grappling. No formal instruction.

Times: Friday 7:30-8:30pm

Sunday 12:00-2:00pm

Little Dragons: these classes are for children ages 4-8. They are designed to help children understand basic movement, rolling, falling and jiu jitsu games. We also introduce the rules of engagement and have a strong emphasis on listening skills, hard work and excellence.

Times: SAT 12:30-1:30pm .

Kids Jiu Jitsu: These classes are for children ages 8-13 and focus on the techniques of jiu jitsu and basic self defense strategies including anti bullying and confidence building.

Times: Sat 1:45-2:45pm

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