*These are Pre-Registered Courses.


Our Women's Self Defense Course is designed and taught by an active memeber of the police department.

One Day Intensive Course:

This Program is specifically designed to empower women with basic skills and awareness in self protection. You will learn fundamental skills to avoid and detract attackers, as well as technical skills to defend yourself in both standing attacks and those that occur/end up on the ground. You will learn how to strike and move with intention, and you will gain practical understanding and awareness that will start you on your path to proficiency in self defense and the martial art of Jiu Jitsu.












Practice makes permanent; this course will provide you the opportunity to repeatedly practice these skills, work with various partners of all shapes and sizes, and drill scenarios  to gain confidence and skill. To inquire about our next offering of this per-registered program, please see our front page, or contact us for further details.


Format: This intensive course is held over one day from 1000am to 330pm with a 30 min lunch break.


****Please note: Due to the popularity of this offering, we do not offer refunds for this course. If you sign up and cannot attend, we will allow a one time credit transfer so that you can attend our next course offering****


Ages 16+: Because of the nature of the program, this course is designed for women 16 and up. We understand that participants may have had a different experiences in their lives and we respect that as such. Topics include a variety of assaultive behaviour and the realities of real world conflict. As such, the subject matter is for mature audiences only. (We allow mother and younger teenage daughters to attend together on a case by case basis, so please inquire if you are interested and have someone under 16 who is interested in the course.)

4 Week Introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Course:

This 4 weeks course is taught by our very own Brown Belt, Angel Antonio, one of the highest ranking female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners on Vancouver Island. This 4 week course is designed to introduce women to the concepts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, specifically the ground fighting aspect of the martial art.


Whether you want to continue to practice and rep what you learned in the Women’s Self Defense course that we offer, or if you would like to learn the basics and build some skill in a Women’s Only environment, then this class is perfect for you. It is exclusively for women, taught by women, and will allow a safe and welcoming space for you to try out Jiu Jitsu and learn Self Defense. This class is open to all levels, and especially designed for beginners or women interested in getting involved in a martial art or learning self defense.


Our Women's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach Angel Antonio and our Self Defense  Day Course Instructor: Ari Knazan

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